CVIGIL Program Unveiled from Election Commission Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

cVIGIL App Unveiled by Election Commission Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

To Be Able to Enable citizens in the Lok Sabha polls, the Election Commission (EC) has introduced cVIGIL Program at pan India Degree whereby Taxpayers can Document on his Cellphone Some Breach of This Model Code of Conduct (MCC) and Ship it into the election authorities for appropriate Actions.

“By employing the cVIGIL program , taxpayers can capture on his Android cellphone and promptly to election police report any breach of Model Code of Conduct, any event of intimidation or inducement in moments of having watched them and without needing to visit the office of their officer,” explained Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sunil Arora.

CVIGIL is a easy, Android-based-mobile program that is user-friendly and simple to operate. All that one must do is to just click an image or to choose a movie and briefly describe the action before uploading it on the cVIGIL mobile program. If the complainant wants to remain anonymous he’s the choice to do so.

The District Control Room allocates cVIGIL instances into the Flying Squads etc. . GIS-based platform.

“The officials and authorities are duty bound to do it on it in 100 minutes,” said Arora.

This can help prevent any confusion, which might arise when applicants with similar or same titles competition from precisely the exact same constituency. For this use, the candidates need to submit to the Returning Officer, their current Stamp Size picture in accordance with the specifications laid down by the Commission.

“As an extra step to remove confusion in the minds of voters in which you press on the button facing this there’s a picture of the candidate so you create a conscious option,” stated the CEC.

Election Commission of India (ECI) on Sunday announced the program for its 17th Lok Sabha election, which is held in seven stages starting April 11. The last period of voting will occur on May 19.