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There’s no saving a dull-looking presentation. No matter how talented the presenter is, the presentation itself will not have much merit and in the end, everybody loses. Your audience will get bored and disinterested, while you would have failed at your purpose for the slideshow.

Therefore, if you want to have a successful presentation that will keep your audience’s eyes glued on your every slide, you must have the perfect balance of visual creativity and organized, well-presented data. It’s all easier said than done, however, since great-looking presentations that hit the mark often take up a lot of time. And this is where PowerPoint templates come in.

Cohesive and Professional Slideshows with Templates

PowerPoint templates can be great for allowing you to have a starting point and guide for creating a balanced slideshow. A good template also allows you to stay focused on your topic and theme, so that every slide will complement each other for a more polished look. This is because when you’re creating slideshows from scratch, there’s the risk of going overboard with the designs. You may also veer away from your topic, resulting in a rather lengthy deck that’s sure to bore your audience.

For those who are having a tough time putting slides together or just want to find an easy way to create a professional-looking deck, has a vast collection of templates to help you out. These templates range from free PowerPoint timelines to business plans to meeting agenda and more.

SlideHunter is an excellent resource for commercial, academic and personal PowerPoint templates. The presentation templates here are designed by professionals and are specially curated so that you will have great-looking templates on hand for any topic, theme, or audience.

Vast Collection of PowerPoint Templates for Commercial and Personal Use

Choosing a template from SlideHunter is easy. You only have to visit the portal and go over the Free PowerPoint templates there. To help you out, there are editor’s picks from the ‘Editor Choices’ section on the homepage. For a more specific template, you can go over the diverse categories that include; abstract, business, animated, education, health, lifestyle, etc. There is even a section where the best PowerPoint templates are listed.

There are thousands of presentation templates, themes, and backgrounds to choose from. Aside from complete, topic-specific templates, there are also single templates that contain animations, effects, video clips, as well as complex charts and diagrams. These also save you a lot of time as you can just download the templates that you need and just insert them to your already existing slideshow. You can even mix and match the templates by merging them depending on your own needs and preferences so you can come up with a slideshow that is truly yours.

Stunning PowerPoint Presentations for Free Download

What’s even better—all these templates are available for free. You don’t need to subscribe to anything or make monthly payments. With SlideHunter, you save not only time but also money because you can download as many templates as you need for free. Plus, it is a great resource to help you fight and avoid Death by PowerPoint, as it provides visually appealing slides that helps to convey your message effectively.

As for customization, these free SlideHunter templates are easy to customize because they are created especially for PowerPoint. This way, you can make the most out of PowerPoint’s amazing customization features, especially the Design tab and the Quick Styles.

As for the slides, you can use the Layouts option in PowerPoint, which  allows you to use multiple slide layouts for template. This makes it easy for you to present your data in different ways, whether it is text, images, visuals, or a combination of them all. Many templates already come with their pre-designed layouts ready for you to fill. However, you can add more layouts, as well as mix and match them in your slideshow by going to the New Slide option under the Home menu in the Ribbon. This will then populate a whole set of layout options. There is also a blank slide where you can create your own layout if you have specific needs for displaying your slide content.

What’s also great about PowerPoint is that newer versions have Design Ideas, which is an awesome feature because it automatically populates a group of creatively designed layout looks that incorporates your slide components in a way that looks professional and polished. For one slide, you can have as many as 6 or more design ideas to choose from.

Create Top-Notch Slideshows While On-the-Go

Another great feature of SlideHunter templates is that they work well not only with PowerPoint but with PowerPoint Online as well. This means after downloading, you can upload your selected template to the cloud via OneDrive and make use of PowerPoint Online to create new PowerPoint presentations, or modify the ones you already have without being stuck in your desk for hours. You can actually create stunning slideshow decks using just your smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

With this, you can make changes to your presentation in real-time, without having to save it right to your device. With everything on the cloud, you only have to access your OneDrive account.

To get started with your own PowerPoint presentation, just visit and check out all the amazing slideshow templates that are professionally designed and are free to download.