Captain Marvel Has 2 Post-Credits Scenes: Report

Captain Marvel Has Two Post-Credits Scenes: Report

Captain Marvel Allegedly Includes two post-credits scenes, Based on members of the Media who attended the First screening to the upcoming Film Before this week.

At this stage from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, post-credits scenes are basically part of this convention. While a few setup long term chapters, as was the situation with the only post-credits scene for Avengers: Infinity Warothers are basically extended gags. Consider the giant ant playing with the drums in the end of Ant-Man along with the Wasp.

She clearly could not say more because testimonials continue to be under embargo — this date remains a couple weeks off — however, other reports indicate that among those post-credits scenes will look before the credits that the roster, together with the next one appearing following the end of the credits.

Captain Marvel also includes a”really touching Stan Lee tribute” before the movie starts, per a lot of other reports. Lee, that expired in November this past year, was a co-creator of their personality together with artist Gene Colan.