Buying Jewellery in the Current day

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A 50-60Kms drive from the hustle and bustle of the downtown is my friend’s very spacious farm house. Needless to say the serene location was not only pleasant but refreshing in a million ways. The teak doors gave an imposing welcome, as we entered into the sprawling 4 bedroom duplex house, I couldn’t help but notice the photo collection there, peeping out from a royal era of the Nizams, Mysore Maharaja and many other royal families. When I enquired I came to know that those were the early days of photography in India and my friends uncle was a photographer. There was imperial aristocratic air filled in every picture. I could see Indian woman decked in from top to toe in rich heritage Jewels, beauty and poise captured in single frame.

Women ages ago wore every single ornament every single day. They adorned everything they had i.e. Harams, Necklaces, Layered chains, Vaddanama, Vanki, Maang tikka all on a daily basis and even surprising was the fact that they changed the Jewellery along with their clothes. Such was the grandness of those days. While I was taking the glimpses of these photos, I could notice the strong contrast of the olden days and the current minimalism wave in adornment of Jewellery.

How we perceive Jewellery?

As days passed woman and the society at large have become prone to anti social elements and they started to use safe deposit lockers to store all their Jewellery.

  • Few people feel that itis a huge waste to invest in Jewellery and store them in lockers, instead felt they invest this amount elsewhere.
  • Few people invest in Jewellery on a regular basis to offset the rising prices and to diversify their portfolio
  • Few invest on bare minimum Jewellery, they look for gold bangles designs for daily use and limit their purchase to them.
  • Few others invest in Jewellery and wish to accumulate them in sets such as the daily wears, office wears, occasional wear/wedding and Festival Jewellery etc. This way they get to use all the Jewellery more or less at different times of the year.
  • Few others like to invest in gold bars or coins anticipating a good return in the future.

Though there are different reasons for purchasing gold and different levels of purchasing gold, one thing stays common is “The Purchasing of gold”. Another glaring contrast from the olden days was the purchase medium. Unlike olden days where they had legacy goldsmiths coming home to showcase their designs, we are now hopping from store to store to select a design of our choice. Another divergence from the actual is the online Jewellery shopping which brings the entire shop to your doorstep.

A peek into the Jewellery industry would give startling facts on the extent of services they offer and differentiation solutions they present the customers with. Some established Jewellers like VaibhavJewellers offer video shopping facility to their domestic and overseas customers. Example: If a customer books a slot on their online portal vaibhavjewellers for viewing Haram designs, the store representatives would reach out to the customer confirming the basics details like items they areinterested in, the weight and price range etc and during the sopping they showcase all the designs to the customer on a HD video call enabling them to view even the minor detailing of the Jewellery. The assisted buying now helps buy Jewellery in an informed way like never before. They take them on a virtual tour and help choose the item sitting at the comfort of their home and family.

These sort of unique strategies at length talk on how times have changed along with the way woman perceive and buy Jewellery.