Built a strong foundation of your enterprise.

One of the most popular courses taken up by the internal agile agents and external consultants is the Leading SAFe Training in Boston. The training assists in providing all the essential tools that are needed for implementation of agile programs. Their acquired knowledge proves helpful in agile architecture, leadership, program, portfolio management and agile programs with the main aim of launching agile release trains as an integral part of agile initiative. The whole movement is to assist the enterprise with agile framework. The training focuses the efficient working of these frameworks with which the enterprise is transformed into.

The Leading SAFe Training Classes prepare the professional to easily synchronize the internal change agents and external consultants.Jointly motivating them towards achievement of the company’s goal. It also initiates following options-

  • It facilitates agile frameworks.
  • Helps in leading the enterprise agile transformation.
  • The trainingfocuses on the training of the managers and executives in the agile frameworks and he acts as a certifying agent.
  • He is capable of training teams in SAFe Scrimp and its principles. Depending on which he learns the principles that governs the lean thinking and flow of product development.
  • Complete information is provided as to how agile frameworks, programs, portfolio management are governed by the SAFe.

On successful completion of the 4 day training class, he leaches the basic and complex agile governing factors. He is also taught-

  • Introduction of scale agile framework.
  • Understanding the principles of SAFe.
  • How to implement an agile release train?
  • Helps in building big systems.
  • How to Launch an ART?
  • How to reach at the SAFe tipping point?
  • How to build an agile portfolio?
  • Better understanding of the SPC exam. And how to apply for the same.

The training classes foster following benefits to the professionals-

  • It clearly explains them how to use the SAFe foundations, power point briefing.
  • It provides complete access as to how to train the managers and executives.
  • It bestows him with all the features that are required in any SAFe certified agent.
  • He is provided with complete,up-to-date contents.
  • He gets life membership of LinkedIn.
  • His names get listed in the certified SPC directory.

The complete syllabus of the training is taught in 4 days. In these 4 days he is given complete information on the principles of the agile frameworks. After completing the training he is entitled to become a certified agent of the agile community. During the training process he gets to learn the practices and principles of agile frameworks. The training assists in experiencing, understanding, executing and building an agile portfolio. It possesses all the features that lead transform the enterprise into an agile backed firm. Initiating online provides with the opportunity of learning during weekends and in your free time. The complete virtual classroom provides complete info on all the concepts of the SAFe training. All necessary help is provided through chats, mails and phone calls.