Boat Stone 650 Wireless Speaker Launched in India in Rs. 1,899

Boat Stone 650 Wireless Speaker Launched in India at Rs. 1,899

Boat Lifestyle has built a name for itself as a Maker of Cheap audio products and accessories for smartphones, including wireless speakers, headphones, earphones, cables, and chargers.

The focus on its product range is dependent upon affordability, and it has helped make Boat a popular brand on the internet where shoppers start looking for deals. The latest product from Boat is that the Stone 650, which can be priced at Rs. 1,899 on Amazon. The speaker is part of this Boat Stone range, and will likely succeed the Boat Stone 600.

The Boat Stone 650 features an IPX5 water and dust resistance rating and an outer design termed as’diamond studded mesh’ by the company. The speaker features a dual-driver setup, with two 5W speaker drivers in laid out in a stereo set. The speaker also includes a passive bass radiator, a claimed battery life of 7 hours on a full charge of their 1,800mAh battery, and multiple connectivity options.

For connectivity, besides Bluetooth, users can also connect into the Boat Stone 650 with the auxiliary cable or TF storage. The device is charged through its Micro-USB interface. There’s also a microphone on the device, letting you use the Boat Stone 650 for hands-free voice calls. Buttons and controls on the face of the speaker let you control playback without needing to achieve for the paired smartphone every time.

Boat has been busy lately, with plenty of launches in India. The Boat Stone 650 does not have any headline features, but does provide a stereo audio at below Rs. 2,000.