Blogging For the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur – 4 Cool Features and 1 Hot Tip

For many entrepreneurs, blogging has become central to their online presence. While having a traditional website may work for you, the features of a blog make it an attractive option.

4 Cool Features

1. Inexpensive hosting2. Design themes3. Quick setup4. Interactive platform

Lets take a closer look at how these can work in your favor.

1. A Good Host is a Good Idea

  • Most blogging software is Open Source and free. Although you can also have your site hosted for free, I recommend going with a hosting service. There are several good, inexpensive ones. This is a safer choice, and protects your site from being taken down (it happens).
  • When you select your host, make sure they offer good support, and an easy upload option for a blog. This allows you to get your questions answered, and quickly get online!

2. Themes: Creative Design Choices

  • Theme refers to the basic design of a blog. Colors, fonts and the overall look and structure of the site.
  • There are many pre-designed themes available, so you don’t have to hire a designer or mess with design.
  • Many of these themes are free.
  • If you purchase what’s known as a “premium theme,” you may also obtain the capability to use that same theme for other blogs. Yes, once you experience the benefits of blogging, you may want to branch out!
  • Premium themes often come with their own set of training instructions.

3. Quick Setup: Tutorials are Your Friend

  • Like everything you do online, there is a learning curve involved.
    • First you learn how to set up your blog.
  • There are many online tutorials. Access those available from your blog provider, as well as ones concerning your theme of choice.
  • Tutorials can come in video format, and PDF instructions for download. Often the video recordings take you step-by-step through the setup of a particular aspect of your blog.
    • Next you learn “the art of blogging.” How to leverage your blog for your business.
  • Learn the art of blogging from the masters. Do some research. Find out just who those “masters” are, especially in your niche. Take a good look at their blogs. Join their subscriber list.
  • Notice what they post about and how it’s written. Check out the way their blog is put together. Read their responses to comments.
  • Feel free to emulate them, as you work to develop your own blogging style.

4. Be Interactive: Know Your Visitors!

  • What differentiates a blog from a more static website, is the ease with which your visitors can post comments, and you can respond.
  • This creates an opportunity to interface directly with your blog visitors. Use these interactions to build your credibility. Get to know your visitors. Find out what they’re looking for, and how they found your blog.
  • Be responsive to their questions and comments. Build relationships through these casual interactions.
    Hot Tip: Reciprocate!
  • More and more internet marketers engage in a simple and powerful technique known as “reciprocity.”
    It works like this.
  • Find a post you like on someone’s blog, related to your niche. Re-post it on your blog, with a link back to theirs, commenting on what you like about the post. The author is very likely to do the same for you.
  • There are groups and sites springing up that are organized around the principle of reciprocity. Members regularly scratch each other’s backs.

What does this do for you? Increase your visitors and subscriber base. Very quickly.

Baby Boomers Are Blogging!

You bet we are!

Having a blog opens the door wide for developing online relationships. Those Dale Carnegie fans out there know that building relationships also builds your business.
And that’s what it’s all about.