Best Ways to Backup Photos from iPhone to Computer

Here, I explain to Best Ways to Backup Photos from iPhone to PC and you are iPhone photo manager free users then you definitely realize that its camera usefulness is a comment by and also taking pictures and shooting recordings is more enjoyable with this Apple cell phone and never enough for you and you continue storing it on your Camera move at that point comes a period while everything is by all accounts flooding and you require a backup to store your recordings and your photos somewhere else and this guide for help to provided Backup Photos from iphone.

Best Ways to Backup Photos from iPhone to Computer [3- METHOD]

Method 1: Using iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone using USB cable.

Step 2: Launch iTunes.

Step 3: Go to Device-> Backups-> computer-> Backup now.

Step 4: Done.

Now, these steps for very easy Backup Photos from Iphone using iTunes and your iPhone pictures then you can easily transfer them to your desktop that is best and very easy method.

Method 2: iCloud using

Now, using iCloud to you can easily take backup photos from iPhone to iCloud and also you can take a backup at any time. Using the Wi-Fi network, it is possible that you can easily process of backup to iCloud see below Steps.

Step 1: Now, you need to enable the My Photo Stream to backup photos on iCloud.

Step 2: Settings-> iCloud->Photos-> Enable My Photo Stream.

Step 3: After shoot pictures you need to connect to Wi-Fi.

Step 4: After that your new pictures are easily backed up to iCloud.

Here, you need to remember that the pictures iCloud cannot be transferred to your system and you can see them on your iPhone or your photo or your iPad. Something else is that Photo Stream just offers you with the benefit of keeping late 1000 pictures. These photos are put away in iCloud for the length of 30 days and same way you can likewise take backup photos from iPhone to Google Drive that is best for all time.

Method 3: Backup to Desktop

Now, last steps to backup photos from iPhone to Computer or external hard drive and system you are using as your desktop because there are means of transferring your pictures that are lying in the Camera Roll of your iPhone.

One thing that you have to comprehend here is that you can make a backup of Camera Roll pictures as it were. This implies Photo Stream pictures are out of question including My Albums and Photo Library. Utilizing a free apparatus that will help oversee iPhone will give you wanted outcomes like iPhone Manager Free, also used is possible.

Steps to Taking Backup to Desktop                                                                                                     

Step 1: Install software program to your Windows PC.

Step 2: Using USB cable connect your iPhone to PC.

Step 3: Choose the photos that are already on your device.

Step 4: Select the photos.

Step 5: After click Export.

Step 6: Done.

Now, Completed guide for Best Ways to Backup Photos from iPhone to Computer and you read this guide very helpful for you.