Best Swiss Watch Brands you can Trust

 When it comes to watches, the Swiss watch brands stand out as the pinnacle of quality and durability. The Baselworld region has been one of the well-known areas for all those connoisseurs of luxury watches. So, what are the best and top end Swiss watch brands that you can trust in 2019? Let us explore the best Swiss brands you have at your disposal.

Best Swiss Watch brands in 2019

Made in Switzerland – that is perhaps the brand of trust and reliability, especially when you are looking at the luxury watches. Recognised worldwide for their workmanship and quality, Swiss Watch brands have made a name for themselves.

So, without wasting most of our valuable time, let us explore the best Swiss Watch brans right away.

Patek Philippe

The brand is managed by the Stern family, and it has been a name synonymous with quality since 1932. They have manufactured over 56000 world class watches in 2018 and have been known for the prestige and quality.

The watch brand has been one of the popular names in the grand auctions and fetches a two figure millions most of the time. A small production in numbers and a high price is what makes it one of the prominent and huge brans worldwide. A case in point can be the Patek Philippe Henry Graves “Supercomplication” that was sold for a whopping 16 million pounds!

TAG Heuer

The brand has been known for the sports watches that it manufactures. A standard entry in any of the top ten or top five Swiss Watch brands, Of course, the brand is involved with a few good options in elegant watches, but its niche has been the sports watches that it excels in.

Apart from the popular Monaco, Carrera, and Autavia range of spots chronograph models, the brand has been more connected with the racing world. What with its exciting range of Tag Heuer Formula 1 themed watches. The company has been an innovator in itself and has been bringing the best of the watches out.


The brand outperformed most of the other Swiss watch brands in 2019. Located at Biel, the brand has been a famous luxury watch brand across the world. The brand has long been associated with the NASA and has been a preferred choice for the James Bond movies.

The brand has been known for the proper scientification of the wristwatches. Have you heard of the Omega Speedmaster Professional? That was the first watch on the moon. The brand has been one of the most media savvy and has been able to captivate the imagination of both the experts and the public.


Breitling is a brand known for the high altitude aviator chronograph watches. They also offer you an additional functionality in your wrist watches. Founded in 1884, the company has been one of the prominent ones and has been offering a huge range of watches across multiple mechanisms – quartz, hand winding, or automatic winding.

The watches are certified by COSC and designed as chronometers. The legendary Navitimer brand has been one of the huge options that have taken it to the better standards. In fact, the watches manufactured by Breitling also offer a wide range of mathematical calculations. The manufacturer also offers watches with emergency transmitters.


Zenith is one of those brands that started its journey during the days of industrialised watches. Now, what does that mean? Well, the watches were manufactured by outsourcing the different tasks in the making of a watch.

The company was formed in 1865 and has been into the manufacturing of watches since then. Zenith has now been famous for its range of watches under the brand El Primero which is the first automatic chronograph worldwide. The watch has been so popular that the accuracy offered by them has been considered to be a reference by the entire watch industry. You won’t believe it – but Rolex depends upon the El Primero for its Daytona range of watches. That should be an appreciation and proof of the accuracy in itself.


The brand is located in Le Sentier, and the brand has been one of the best sources for the innovation in the Watch industry. They have plenty of patents, movement innovations and design patterns and perhaps, no other watch maker can beat them in the game for innovation.

The brand has been involved in looking for the best perfection in a continuous and a never ending manner. The Reverso range of watches manufactured by the brand would make it a great choice in the classic art deco styling. The popular models that the brand has been known for include Reverso, Grande Reverso, Master Ultra Thin, and Master Compressor.


The brand has been a famous option right from the 18th century, and it boasts of the well-known clients that include names like Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. The enamelled diamonds and similar high-end designs have been their hallmark.

A few of the models that the brand has been well known for include Reine de Naples, Classique, Héritage, Marine, and Type XX. Reine de Naples is a model specifically designed for the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte – Caroline Murat. That in itself should speak a lot about the brand, we assume.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few great brands that should matter a lot for the sheer workmanship that has been poured into making those luxury watches truly what they stand for. The discussion above should provide you with enough information on the best brands and their efficiency. If it does, our efforts are paid off.