Benefits of Industrial Cleaning Rags

Industry is dirty. From construction to refining to the small-business woodworking shop, there is always something to clean or wipe up in any industry. You could certainly use heavy-duty paper towels to do the job, but that is a limited supply and needs to be replaced, at a high cost, on a regular basis. And that means a chink in your budget which you don’t need regardless if you’re a four- or seven-figure organization. You need something which cleans up messes and can be reused many times after washing. And, perhaps, they should be from recycled products.

Let’s face it, industrial cleaning rags do not need to be brand new for what they’re needed for. Even if purchased to help dry cars, these rags may go through the literal ringer each time they’re used. So, you want ruggedness instead of pretty patterns. And, by rugged, we mean rags which can withstand being pulled, stretched, and turned every which way to reach areas which require cleaning.

And, if possible, they should be from recycled materials. Companies like Reclaimed Textiles sell industrial rags made from other materials, and that does a few things. For you, it lowers the cost of these items when they’re bought in bulk. For the company that makes them, it allows them to give back to their community by lowering the carbon footprint. And, since their costs are also lower, they can use the savings to purchase more recycled textiles to provide a little bit less for the landfills.

So, what should you look for in industrial rags which wasn’t mentioned above? First, determine what you need. Going back to drying cars, you don’t want a rag which is rough and can’t soak up water. You want something which is fairly soft so you don’t scratch a vehicle’s paint and absorbent enough to hold plenty of liquid before disposing of in the laundry bin. If the dirt is more solid, then you want something rougher to pick up the smallest particles to maintain cleanliness. Of course, you want to always make sure the price you pay for these industrial rags, including those made from recycled textiles, is in a comfortable range for your business.