Apple CarPlay Requires Design Overhaul, Hey Siri Support, and Much More With iOS 13

Apple CarPlay Gets Design Overhaul, Hey Siri Support, and More With iOS 13

The beastly new Mac Pro, iOS 13, macOS Catalina, and iPadOS hogged the limelight at WWDC 2019, However one Apple offering that received Relatively lesser attention despite getting a Significant upgrade was Apple CarPlay.

In Apple’s annual developer conference, Apple announced a significant layout and operational overhaul for CarPlay, introducing a much better interface, multi-tasking capacities, and a smarter integration using Siri. Additionally, CarPlay’s upgraded avatar also reveals more info and can also connect with a large variety of HomeKit-supported hardware by using location-based data.

The most noteworthy change is your upgraded CarPlay interface, and that may now host more content and reveal multiple programs in one view. For example, the updated dashboard can now simultaneously show the navigation display and the press playback interface side-by-side. Moreover, opening an app on a connected phone will no longer alter the program currently running on the CarPlay dashboard.

Additionally, it can also show more info such as album art, music recommendation, etc.. The new variant of CarPlay, that includes iOS 13, can also pull important data like forthcoming events in the calendar with only a single voice command. What’s even more interesting is the fact that it is going to happen without prompting users to unlock their phone.

Talking about voice commands, Siri for CarPlay has obtained support for third-party programs. Also, Apple’s virtual assistant no longer occupies the entire display on being summoned. Rather, the ongoing app is kept on the screen while Siri accepts commands in the desktop after being prompted from the’Hey Siri’ cue, which is received by means of a car’s built-in mic.

Additionally, CarPlay also gains some location-based automation characteristics. For example, it can prompt the garage to start automatically as soon the positioning of a car is detected close home. The CarPlay music and calendar programs have received a design overhaul too. A mild manner, which is promised to be easier on the eyes, making its way to CarPlay’s updated version.

CarPlay can be getting support for a’Don’t Affect While Driving’ manner that will block notifications while forcing to keep distractions at bay. Moreover, the updated CarPlay will also let automakers develop compatible programs which can dynamically adjust the display size and show edge-to-edge content on non-rectangular displays.