Airtel Rs. 499 Recharge Bundle With 2GB Daily Data With 82 Days Validity Launched

Airtel has launched a Brand New recharge pack with 82-day validity and 2GB of daily data allocation for prepaid users.Airtel Rs. 499 Recharge Pack With 2GB Daily Data With 82 Days Validity LaunchedThis brand new Airtel package comes as competitions Jio and BSNL established their IPL 2018-focused plansto help users stream games online for the duration of the tournament. While maybe not branded as an IPL 2018 special package, the new recharge includes higher daily data caps when compared with the other prepaid plans the company offers.
This amounts to 164GB of all 4G/ 3G data provided to users for the entire validity period, at a per GB cost of approximately Rs. 3. The bundled requirements are limited to 300 minutes per day and 1,000 minutes per week and are billed at 30 paisa per minute then.

In comparison, Airtel Rs. 448 prepaid packs supplies 1.4GB data per day for 82 days, amounting to 114.8GB data. Other freebies are the same as those of those Rs. 499 recharge.

Coming to the Jio Rs. 251 IPL package, users get 2GB information per day for 51 days, 104GB data for the whole validity period. Though encouraged as an IPL program, users are free to use it to consume content of any kind for the duration of the championship.

The BSNL Rs. 248 package offers more information each day using its 3GB daily data allocation. With validity of 51 days, this prepaid recharge provides a complete of 153GB. Users can simply buy this pack by April 30, although IPL 2018 lasts for nearly a month more. But, unlike Jio and Airtel, the BSNL system is mainly stuck on 3G speeds, and just Kerala ring subscribers receive 4G speeds.