Advantages of SuiteCRM Open cart Integration

Technology has changed the world upside down. With a few clicks and internet access, you can bring anything to your door step, from food to clothes and from bank to accessories almost everything you want.  Not only in personal lives of the people but the technology had made a great influence in the corporate sectors too. Every machine has been automated, new business software are being programmed, and people are hanging around on social media platforms and much more. Online shopping company has acquired such high success rates. Companies are moving to latest CRM software solutions to maximise their profits while providing ease and comfort for their employees. When it comes to your CRM software, you need an integration which has e-commerce platform for online sellers.

Open Cart is a free Open Source e-commerce platform that is used by online sellers to provide a genuine foundation to make a flourishing online store. It is of a great importance for shop owners who wish t o launch their products online.  SuiteCRM comes with wide range of features to provide all necessary features required by the organisation to customize his online store in the way he wants.

It strides up company’s performance by providing all essential features to the company.  It allows you to maintain sales leads, customize your business needs, follow-up clients with negligible efforts.  Many times, companies won’t identify the value between a good online store and storing of activity for forecasting and capturing which are the core competencies of CRM. CRM without clear target could cost a bomb, the main expectation from CRM should be the increase in customer satisfaction and drive more sales that accelerate growth and generates revenue.

There are many application in the store like FyNCRM and QuickCRM that gives you access to suite CRM data from your Android , iPod or iPhone so even while away, you can have all the data recorded in your phone. They can be used in all the sections like Contact, Note, Calls, Opportunities, Account, Meetings, and Calendar etc. It can be used to update, add and delete while online connected with SuiteCRM. This best SuiteCRM mobile app for android works at the backend to collect and sync the data from SuiteCRM to the mobile app.

Let’s look at some interesting fact about SuiteCRM

  • Order Management & Payment Gateway Support

With SuiteCRM Open Cart Integration, you get the complete order management support to handle orders in one single platform and support multiple payment gateways such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

 Simple and Easy Sync

Open Cart SuiteCRM Integration comes with simple and easy management between website and CRM. It enables the user to manage and store his data into the CRM.It comes with easy installation process and offers features such as choose a template, add products and ready to start accepting the orders.

  • Accelerating Sales –

It provides more sales with the help of inbuilt marketing analytics and campaign capabilities which will raise the profit to the maximum.

  • Updating Order and Shipping Information –Users don’t have to look for other options when they have to update orders or shipping information in different systems. With Open Cart Integration, users will get visibility on order’s shipping status.
  • No Manual efforts –It directly populates customer registration information from Open Cart into the SuiteCRM so that least efforts have to be made.