Academic Assistants: Tutors vs. Personalized Writing Services

These days students are fortunate to have access to assistance when it comes to their studies and in particular when it comes to writing. In this article, we will take a look at two services that students can reach out to – personalized academic writing services and tutors. We will weigh up the pros and cons of both alternatives. 

Personalized Writing Services – Pros

  • Weaker areas. There will be areas where a custom writing service will produce a paper better than you could have i.e. in a subject that you’re not strong in. A custom writing service will have employees that have degrees in all kinds of subjects and, therefore, the paper that they produce will achieve a better grade than you would have.
  • Increasing your average. If you’ve got to a point where you are falling behind, and your grades are beginning to fall, it may be time to really sit down and concentrate on your studies. In order for you to back up to where you were, you may need to get some help in order to increase your average grade. A custom writing service could be a good option here. 
  • When you’re unwell. If you fall sick, it’s out of your hands and, as always, illness comes at the worst time. You could complete an essay, but you know that it’s not going to be the standard that you would normally submit. In this scenario, turning to a writing service would be a good option as if you were in a workplace and fell ill, somebody else would cover your role for you. 

Personalized Writing Services – Cons

  • Quality is not assured. You will never know who is writing your paper for you, and it could be simply someone who really needs some money. Therefore, there is no guarantee of what quality the paper you will achieve, regardless of the amount of money that you have paid the custom writing service.
  • You’re missing out on vital learning. As part of studying a subject, you need to be able to write essays as essays are a way in which we can learn and take on new information. If you use a custom writing service, you will miss out on this aspect which is crucial in order for you to know and become an expert on your subject. 
  • Moral issue. It is argued that using a custom writing service is no different to cheating. Although there are times it can be seen as acceptable, it’s easy to see how these kinds of services can be abused. 

Tutors – Pros

  • Option to pick own tutor. Any student will perform better if they have the option of picking their teacher. With a tutor, a student can choose someone whose temperament and learning style suit them. All tutors have their own learning styles, but there are so many tutors available that it shouldn’t be difficult to find one who suits each student’s own preferences.
  • Lessons are customized. Lessons can be tailored to an individual’s needs. A student is able to work at their own pace, and the outcome of the lesson all relates to what their needs and their abilities are. This is especially important for a student who may have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia as a tutor can take this into account.
  • Time. Parents may want to be involved in their child’s education and studies, but sometimes, time simply does not allow this. Daily life can get in the way, and a parent may not be able to spend as much time as they would like helping their child where possible. In this situation, a tutor would be ideal as they can provide the skills and time needed, which benefits both the parents and the student.  
  • Convenience and flexibility. Having a tutor is much more convenient and flexible as a tutor can come to you, so travel time is reduced. When it comes to a timetable, this can be organized around a student’s own commitments, and lessons can take place anywhere. 
  • Attention and time. A student will gain a large amount of time from a tutor and a tutor will fully concentrate on that student alone. This is a clear advantage as in a normal class situation, a student can easily be left in the background and lost amongst the crowd. There are also fewer distractions when tutoring one to one, so learning is, therefore, much more effective and focused. 

Tutors – Cons

  • Poorly qualified experts. A tutor may not be as well qualified as you would expect. This, therefore, means that a student is at risk.
  • Frequency. Individual tutor sessions are often conducted on a weekly basis. This, therefore, means that interaction is not regular and this can have an impact on learning and regular feedback.  
  • Dependency. If a student becomes dependent on a tutor this can be damaging. In this situation, a student will end up doing less and less by themselves as expectations are then placed on the tutor to do the thinking and the work for them.
  • Expense. Tutors can be expensive and therefore may not be an option for all students. If a student is on a tight budget, a tutor is out of the question for them. 

We’ve now highlighted the pros and cons of using a custom writing service and a tutor. We are sure that you will now feel clearer about which option suits you best if you decide that you need it.