A Short Guide to Buying Durable, Stylish Straps for Your Precious Guitar

Most guitarists don’t put too much thought into buying guitar straps. After all, they are all the same, right?


There is nothing that compliments a guitarist’s look more than his straps – after the guitar, of course.  More than that, a sturdy guitar strap is the only thing that prevents your precious instrument from falling when you’re carrying it around.

There are such a diversity of straps on the market that the choice can be a bit overwhelming – different styles, different manufacturers, how practical or how stylish they should be, and so on.So, how can you find the right guitar strap for your needs? All your questions will be answered here, in the guide below.

First off, you must get acquainted with the most popular types out there.

  1. The Leather Straps

Leather straps are probably the most popular and the most stylish type of straps. You will find within this category the biggest range of styles, colors, and sizes. Like wine, they get better in time, and can become a dear companion for many years if you take care of them the right way. The most known styles of leather straps are the ones styled like the suede strap, snakeskin or cowhide. You can also find them with monograms, buckles made from metal and rivets.

If you wish to have them customized, the leather ones are the perfect choice for that, the sky being the limit.

  1. The Nylon Straps

Indisputably, you won’t find straps most affordable than nylon straps. They are very dependable, which makes them quite popular. The storing part is easy with these as well since they take up a small space. They have two varieties:

  • The basic ones, with triangular-shaped leather ends, and a dimension of 56-inches long and 2-inches wide. They are recommended for casual straps, backups or studios. Unfortunately, the leather found at the ends will wear out quite fast if the guitar is often used.
  • The upgraded version made of polyester and higher-end nylon, assorted with plastic ends or heavy duty leather. You can find all the colors and designs you wish, with padding that is stitched into the fabric, and some even with built-in strap locks. Their approximate dimension is 56-inches whenfully
  1. The Suede Straps

Regarding the price range, the suede straps are situated between the nylon and the leather ones. Also, storage is not a problem when it comes to these.

  • The basic ones are between 56 to 62-inches long and 2.5-3-inches wide. They are made of two pieces of suede leather, stitched around the edges; this way, fraying is prevented.
  • The better version has some thick padding that is sewn on the inside. Needless to say, they are quite comfortable and durable. Unfortunately, they are not very easy to store, since they will form quite a large roll.

If you wish to choose a strap for style, there are a couple of things to consider. The first thing would be that you can find a quite good looking one at a fairly good price, or even get it customized.

  • The strap will talk about your style; if you care about that, you must make sure that it definesyour playing style.
  • Don’t fret too much regarding reviews; more specifically, look for the reviews about the company, not about the specific strap. When it comes to finding a stylish strap, you ought to focus more on the look, and less on the reviews – tastes vary, after all.

If you wish to choose a strap for practicality:

  • Go for something lightweight; in this sense, look for the ones with leather ends and cotton. In this equation, the cotton prevents the strap from sliding when playing.
  • Mind the reviews; as opposed to the ones chosen for their style, reviews are important in this case. When the reviews are very good, the strap is very likely to be of high quality.

Guitar straps are just as important as your chords, strings, amp, and other accessories. They can keep your precious guitar from turning into a mess that would make other expensive gizmos useless. For these reasons, knowing how to choose a durable, yet stylish strap is important for any respectable guitarist.

With so many types of guitar straps out there, it is important to do your research. Try out each type of straps and research different brand to see which one fits your needs best.