8 Tips for Better Digital Signage

Digital signage is quickly replacing the old-fashioned billboards of yesteryear. However, before you blow your advertising budget on a series of fancy digital signs, there are a few things that you should know about creating the perfect display. If you’re ready to bring your signage into the 21st century, here are just eight tips for improving your digital interfaces.

1. Utilize Color Psychology

Red things are passionate. Blue things are soothing. Yellow things are either calming or cheerful depending on the shade. These are all facts that you learn when you research color psychology, and they can be a big boon to the efficiency of your digital signage. If you want to get people excited, use red; if you need them to relax and forget about the passage of time, go with something bluer.

2. Shop Within Your Industry

If you want to buy signs for your dental office, research the use of digital displays for healthcare patients. If you’re in the fast food business, make sure that you’re looking at things like digital menu software. The functions and features of digital signs can be very different depending on the industry, so it’s best to stay within your field. You don’t want to get any wires crossed.

3. Make Everything Bigger

Unless you’re working with pre-programmed font sizes that can’t be changed, go ahead and kick them up a notch. What seems overly large to you in an office setting might be barely readable when customers are 20 feet away and squinting through a busy crowd. The same goes for any graphics embedded into your signs; as long as they can be enlarged without pixelating them, it’s worth the effort of super-sizing their appearance.

4. Keep It Moving

The human eye is naturally drawn towards movement, and you can capitalize on this with your digital signage. Make your text scroll across the screen. Include flashing arrows and stars to draw attention to particular elements of your sign. Create animated cartoon characters to peek out from the corners of your ads. These are just a few ways to incorporate motion into your signs, but there are many more.

5. Consider the Technology

If you’ll be running more than one digital sign at a time, it might be worth the effort of investing in signage software that will allow you to control them all through a single dashboard. On the other hand, if your tech skills are limited to juicing up your smartphone when the battery gets low, you might be more comfortable with a fixed LED sign than one that constantly self-updates through the cloud.

6. Contrast Your Colors

Green text on a green background is no one’s friend. Not only is it visually unappealing, but it will also cost you when potential customers don’t even bother reading its words or taking action based on its information. If you’re serious about creating attractive, informative signs, give them a color contrast like white-on-black or blue-on-yellow.

7. Double-Check Your Power Source

There’s no use in creating dazzling digital displays if you don’t have enough power to turn them on in the first place. This may seem like a no-brainer, but before you invest in something that will trip your building’s circuit breakers, make sure that all of your outlets can handle the burden. If they can’t, you might need to hire an electrician before you spend that money on digital signs.

8. Stay Within Your Budget

Speaking of money, you should be careful with your finances when considering the switch to digital signs. Not only will you have to pay for the sign itself, but you’ll also be responsible for its everyday maintenance. This might mean buying things like screen cleaners and replacement bulbs for any blown-out backlights. You might also need to invest in a good software program to handle your signs, so that’s another cost to add to the bill.

Whether you’re investing in digital signs for the first time or just looking to improve the efficacy of the ones that you already have, these eight tips can help you on your path to success. Remember, the signage is only as good as the company behind it!