5 Simple Steps To Creating A Digital Information Product Using A Resource Report

How To Create Your Resource Report:
Creating resource reports are probably one of the easiest digital information products to create on your own. They are very non-technically challenging. Also, coming up with the content to place in the report should be fairly simple if you have been working in your niche for any substantial period of time. Let’s walk through the process of creating a resource report.
1. Step 1. Decide on a title for your resource report. You need to do this first since the title will go on the ecover graphic. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult or profound. The only thing you may wish to consider is keyword if you’re planning on doing any SEO with it. Typically for these digital information products we don’t try to rank them with Google. For example, a simple title could be “Steve Dooley’s Internet Marketing Toolbox”. Again, think about personal or company branding more than SEO here.
2. Step 2. Create your ecover graphic. I’m going to give you a huge tip here. Unless you have a back ground in graphic design don’t try to do this yourself. Your graphic must be professional looking. The easiest and cheapest way to get a killer ecover graphic done is to head over to and outsource it. is an excellent resource that I use regularly for outsourcing. Just type “ecover graphic design” in the search and you will have access to tons of excellent graphic designers. The best part is that your ecover will be done in a couple of days for only $5! You couldn’t do it yourself for that much. Just to get the adobe photoshop software would cost you several hundred dollars. That’s a lot of ecovers! And I’m not even considering the value of your time.
3. Step 3. Create the report document. This is really the easy part. You’ll want to open up a word processor like MS Word. Then you’ll just make some category headings and list the corresponding resources you utilize under each one. I always include live links and affiliate links whenever possible. Just remember to link to products that you’ve personally used and enjoyed. You can also include links to your website in the footer or header. You’ll also want to place the page numbers and copyright symbol with the date in the footer as well.
4. Step 4. Add the ecover to your document. Once you get your ecover completed then copy/paste it onto the first page of your report.
5. Step 5. Make your MS Word document into a.PDF formatted file. This is important. You don’t want someone to get your report and then alter it placing their name on it, etc. Plus,.PDF formatted files are the easiest to download, and they are very well trusted. You can purchase software to covert MS Word and other files , but I’ve found a little secret to bypass that ordeal. It’s really simple, but they only way I know it works for certain is when using MS Word as your word processor. Within MS Word simply open the menu and click “Save As”. Then a pop-up box will appear. Click on “Save Type As:” and a drop down menu will appear. On this menu select “PDF”. Then type in the name of the file and click “Save”. This will save the document as a.PDF file. That’s it! Really simple. I had gone through purchasing software and doing this the hard way for quite awhile before I stumbled onto this.