YouTube Shorts, Another TikTok Competitor, Launched in India in Early Beta

YouTube Shorts, a Brief video feature from YouTube that allows you to share 15-second videos, was launched by Google on Tuesday.

Sound familiar? Yes, we have another TikTok competition, now from Google, after Instagram expanded Reels from the US to India as well. That really is a marketplace Google seems to be eyeing for YouTube Shorts, as it established the new feature in beta in India, to begin with. With TikTok prohibited in India, this was an obvious move, and as the app faces challenges in the united states, YouTube might be expected to bring back there.

In its statement, Google clarified that this includes a brand new camera and a handful of editing programs that are going to be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks. These videos are of around 15 seconds and may be seen on the YouTube homepage, in what is known as the new Shorts shelf, as well as across different parts of the YouTube app. YouTube also has a post about Shorts, which begins by reminding us about famous viral movies, for example, Charlie Bit My Finger, Good morning yall, and Lockdown Trick Shots.

The Create button has been moved to the bottom bar of navigation for Android users in India, the article noted, and that is the way you are able to create shorts. According to the post, to assess if you have accessibility you can tap the”+” icon then select Video. Should you see Create a brief movie then you’ve got access to the Shorts camera, that has attributes like stringing multiple video clips, speed controls, occasions, and adding audio to clips.

People who do not have access to the Shorts camera can still upload vertical videos that are under 60 minutes long, with the hashtag #shorts from the name or description, and those would nevertheless be picked up to be highlighted on the YouTube homepage.

From the YouTube Blog, Chris Jaffe, VP of Product Management for YouTube noted that Shorts will expand to iOS and also to other nations shortly, and added that additional attributes for production will also be added quickly.

Rumors that YouTube was functioning on a TikTok clone was doing the rounds since early this year, together with the facts all but supported by June. Much like Instagram, YouTube comes with a huge built-in audience that’s likely to create the premature adoption of Shorts take place, however although Instagram might boast of a large amount of people making short movies, it hasn’t had the exact same cultural effect that TikTok did. Given how Google has struggled in the past to launch social networks, will YouTube Shorts face a similar fate?

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