Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Delayed Once Again, Now Place for Christmas Day

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984’s Launch has been postponed yet again, Together with All the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman now set to debut on Christmas day, December 25.

The film was initially scheduled to launch in December this past year but has been postponed a month to adapt to Star Wars: The growth of Skywalker. Afterward, it had been pushed to June for a summer launch in the united states. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse with the stunt inducing theaters to close down and the film was postponed once more.

As per a report from Variety, Wonder Woman 1984 was postponed to December 25, Christmas day. Motion Picture Group chairman, the report says that the studio is quite proud of this movie and looks forward to bringing it to crowds to the holiday season.

Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed Once Again

Patty Jenkins, the director of the movie, is quoted to say,”Since I understand how important it’s to bring this film for you on a big screen when most people can share the experience together, I am confident you won’t mind waiting only a tiny bit longer.

The delay in launch this moment, was brought on by the studio needing a much bigger audience in theaters, which it expects will occur by Christmans day.

The first release date for Wonder Woman 1984 was December 2019, but it had been [improved by means of a month since Disney’s Star Wars: The growth of Skywalker was set for a December launch. Afterward, the studio chose to get a summer launch for its Gal Gadot starrer and pushed the launch date to June 5. Together with the coronavirus pandemic interrupting everything, the launch was again postponed, to August 14.

Together with the situation just marginally improving, Wonder Woman 1984 was subsequently postponed into October 2. Now, eventually, Warner Bros. has determined a December 25 release date.

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