Protecting your location data

As the world is becoming more connected to the internet, people are losing their privacy. In the past, it was impossible to track down the people within a few hours. But with the help of modern technology, we can track people by using their smartphones. Most of the smartphone users don’t have any idea that they are continuously transmitting their location data to different vendors. The reason is referring to different vendors is the use of different applications. Let’s say, you are using Google Maps and Facebook apps in your smart device. Both apps have access to your GPS location. So, Google and Facebook will know your geographical position as long as you are connected to the internet.

So, is there is any way we can protect our location data. Well, there is no specific way but we can follow some tricks that will allow us to protect our location data. At least, it will make our location harder to track. Let’s get into the details.

Turn off your GPS

Everyone uses google maps. But you don’t need to turn on the GPS 24×7 even though you are staying in the same place. Whenever you need to gain access to the google map or such service, you can turn on the GPS. As soon as you finish using the app, you should turn off the GPS. It will not only protect your location but also save your smartphone battery. Though it will require manual labor if you practice it for a few days, it will become a habit and you can easily protect your location data.

Use a VPN

The best way to protect your location data is to use a VPN. You can access the internet with a different IP address and no one will be able to trace your location. If you consider the best VPN service for Reddit, you might not know its amazing features as a new user. But you most of the VPN companies provide a free trial and you can take advantage of that free trial and learn more about its amazing feature. VPN is not helpful to protect your location but it also adds a great layer of security.

Being a VPN user, you will be able to browse the internet anonymously. This will keep you safe from the hacker’s threat. Even if the hackers get a trace of your data during the transfer process, they won’t be able to use it as it will be encrypted.

Start using the virtual machine

This is a bit more advanced stuff but it can help the advanced users a lot. By using the virtual machine, you can install an operating system within your existing OS. So, if you use to access the website that imposes a bit threat, you can use the virtual machine. Even if the hackers try to trace your location, they will not get a single bit of information since all the processes will be done via a virtual machine. Once you become good at managing the details in the virtual machine, you can easily take advantage of this modern technology and remain anonymous on the internet.

Learn more about apps permission

Most of the apps are the main culprit for leaking our information. When a user installs an app they give explicit permission to the app so that they can gain access to the full device. In some cases, we all give the app permission to track our location. But this is a very big mistake. If you need an app to access your location, it should always ask for permission. When you have finished using the app, you should disable the app’s permission and look for an alternative solution.

Though it might seem tough it is the best possible way by which you can securely use the apps. And try not to use any app from the unreliable sources as they might be developed by hackers. Always keep your device updated with the latest antivirus program so that the app can’t track your location behind your back. Be smart and use the advanced application with caution.

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