Netflix Lets Users to’Pause Membership’ for as Much as 10 Moments in New Test

If you restart your Netflix subscription in that period, you’ll still have access to all of your profiles, evaluations, recommendations, seeing background, My List, and stored settings. If you go back after 10 months, you’ll need to start from scratch. The”pause membership” option is available under”Account” on the site. Memberships are paused only at the end of your billing month however — not immediately.

That means Netflix’s new”pause membership” feature acts in precisely the same fashion as the existing”cancel membership” alternative, because it also retains all of the above data for 10 weeks. This brand new test seems to be more a case of Netflix improving its messaging and making the process more convenient, enabling users to get back on board with a single click. It’s possible that Netflix adds more features to”pause membership” down the road.

We experiment with all these kinds of tests in different countries for various amounts of time and just make them widely available if people find them useful.”

OnlyTech was the very first to bring word of the new Netflix test.

Netflix used to have a”put membership on hold” attribute in the early days — globally, not after its launch in India — which allowed members to pause their membership for a period of seven to 90 days. Subscriptions would pause the afternoon you clicked on the button, a quality that will come to the”pause membership” option too. Though it does pose some challenges together with the monthly fee in the event you choose to leave midway through.

If you do not see the”pause membership” feature on your Netflix account, that is because Netflix checks are limited. It will be rolled out to everyone if it’s received well.

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