Facebook Messenger Introduces Zoom-Like Screen Sharing Feature

Facebook Messenger has Launched a Display sharing feature for Program users and iOS.
The exact same can also be accessed online and desktop via Messenger Rooms. The same as Zoom, people are able to instantly share their mobile or desktop computer screen and actions with their friends . While program users may share their screens with around eight individuals in a group video call, Messenger Room supports up to 16 people simultaneously.

Rolling out on mobile platforms, the newest display sharing feature enables Facebook Messenger users to share their mobile displays with family and friends. Through this, users may share a live view of everything they’re doing on their own phones. Facebook says that the new feature”makes it effortless to stay connected and close with your nearest and dearest, even when you’re physically “

On the Messenger app, a group video telephone can support up to eight people at one time. On Messenger Bundle , up to 16 people are able to connect via mobile devices, online, or in their desktopcomputer.

Facebook also announced plans to expand the number of people with whom you can share your screen to 50 individuals. The social networking giant is also thinking about adding some control features shortly that would allow the Rooms creators decide whether to limit the capability to share screen to themselves or let all participants to do the same.

Earlier in July, Facebook was allegedly working on incorporating the Messenger with WhatsApp. When this new feature rolls out, the two online chat programs will have the ability to communicate with one another. But, it is not clear yet on how Facebook intends to maintain data encryption and user security once the integration takes away.

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