Google Ties More Work Tools Into Gmail, Aiming to Get Ahead of Microsoft

Alphabet’s Google said on Wednesday its corporate Gmail Clients would now be able to edit documents and other Documents without leaving the email service, as it aims to lure clients from rivals by making its Resources more Incorporated.

The statement was made at Google’s cloud unit’s yearly customer and partner conference, which has been turned into an electronic gathering within several weeks due to the book coronavirus pandemic.

Google has been striving for more than a decade to catch up with Microsoft’s Office, which dominates the global market for corporate email and document-editing tools.

Both companies have been adding video-calling attributes and other cooperation tools to attract new business from companies operating from home during the pandemic.

Google contends it has found an edge with potential clients by promoting Gmail as a single hub for workers to access text chats, video calls, and documents. Microsoft has restricted tie-ins involving its chat and email applications, Outlook and Teams.

“Microsoft is still telling you there is two separate areas to check, two distinct habits, two inboxes to take a look at,” Javier Soltero, a Google vice president that was able to work for Microsoft, said in an interview on Wednesday.

“They are not incentivised to perform a profound integration between Teams and Outlook,” Soltero said, without elaborating.

Consumers with the free version of Gmail may have access to this new integrations in the future, Soltero said.

Microsoft, which has continued to post rapid Office revenue development, declined to comment.

Google on Wednesday introduced several options already on Microsoft Teams, including the capability for chat users to list an”out of office” detect and”pin” conversations to make them easier to locate later.

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