Snapchat Encourages’Here for You’ Feature to Address Mental Health Issues Faced by Consumers at India

Snapchat is rolling out Upgrades on Psychological health Security and support from India via its”Here For You” Segment that covers an Assortment of topics like eating disorders, Stress, depression, Etc.

The”Here for You” attribute is available for Android and iOS consumers in India, and it includes mental health tools provided by Mariwala Health Initiative and the Manas Foundation. The business stated that the attribute is part of a”joint effort” made to educate and enable the Snapchat community” to care for themselves.”

Snapchat clarified in a media release that the maturation of this”Here For You” feature happened following a study paper a year ago indicated various mental health problems confronted by its own users.

“Snapchat discovered an overwhelming majority of Snapchatters experience feelings of tension and stress and their buddies are the very first people they turn to if they want help, over professionals… The study also demonstrated that many young men and women are profoundly interested in understanding these problems, and also how they could encourage friends that are fighting together,” Snapchat’s parent firm, Snap, stated in the notice.

Manager of Mariwala Health Initiative, Raj Mariwala added that because of this coronavirus outbreak, individuals are”together” suffering from feelings of stress, stress, anxiety, nervousness, numbness, and despair.

“Our videos [from the Here For You section] discuss how to take care of tension and anxiety, the way to encourage a loved one suffering from distress and approaches to increase psychological well-being via mindfulness/grounding exercises,” he explained.

The way to get Here For You in Snapchat
Users may get the”Here For You” part by searching with key words like stress, depression, loneliness, suicide, emotional health and wellbeing. The two Android and iOS Snapchat users in India can get this feature.

“Here For You” covers issues such as methods to deal with mental health difficulties and how to identify signs in family members, in addition to questions from the neighborhood, answered by clinical psychologists and mental health professionals.

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