LinkedIn, Reddit to Correct Bug That Copies Clipboard Data on iOS Devices

Because of the clipboard privacy feature on the beta version of iOS 14, users noticed that Many apps like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reddit copy data from clipboard contents with every keystroke on iOS devices.

After the problem was raised on social media, the aforementioned programs said they would resolve the code within their iOS program. Over 50 apps, including TikTok, PUBG Mobile, Fruit Ninja, Weibo, Viber, and New York Times were also noted revealing the identical behaviour in the place where they copy universal clipboard data as a possible breach in solitude. Reddit and LinkedIn offered explanations on the problem and declared that a repair will be brought in soon.

Before this month, Twitter user @DonCubed noticed this dilemma on LinkedIn, in which the professional networking app was caught copying in the clipboard of his MacBook Pro. Responding to the same, LinkedIn Engineering Vice President Erran Berger tweeted that this was an issue with a code path which”does an equality check between the clipboard contents and also the currently typed content in a text box” Though he clarified that none of the content is transmitted or stored, the main reason behind the test wasn’t clarified. Berger further disclosed that LinkedIn would follow up once the repair is still live.

The consumer pointed out that Reddit does a similar activity where it captures information on every keystroke. He posted a movie showcasing exactly the same. As an answer, a spokesperson from the social media platform advised The Verge the issues was tracked down to some codepath which”checks for URLs from the pasteboard then proposes a post title depending on the text contents of the URL.” The statement also explained that the contents aren’t shared or stored.

Back in June, TikTok was known for doing the same and the Chinese video-sharing social networking app soon announced the problem was fixed.

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