PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Event Leaked: Mummies, Flying Buildings, and Much More Inbound

PUBG Mobile users will soon get a chance to take on mummies, sandstorms, and more mythical Creatures as possible details in the upcoming Historical Secret Event has been leaked.

Together with the 14th period expected to hit smartphones shortly, this new mode will see PUBG Mobile gamers battle for high tier loots on the Erangel map. Three ancient buildings, with designs resembling ancient Egyptian design, will also reportedly be included. To make things more interesting, these constructions would soon start rising high in the air.

According to a gameplay movie shared YouTube by Royal Kraken, at the new mode, the game would start just like a regular matchup on the Erangel map. But, enormous sandstorms would soon cover up the display, leading to the appearance of a mammoth sandy figure from inside a huge structure. This monster would then help materialize three buildings that look straight out of ancient Egypt.

The actual fun begins when players land on these new structures, which may pop up everywhere on the map. These buildings would suddenly start flying high over the world and the only way players can leave safely is with the support of parachutes or if they somehow manage to hop down their way through the flying constructions.

From the mode, players can go head against a gigantic mummy to win top tier guns and armour. The loot in these flying constructions are also predicted to be of the highest class. As of now, it’s uncertain whether players will randomly spawn to this manner.

At a recent leak, PUBG Mobile player Mr.GHOST GAMING revealed a trailer to the upcoming Season 14 on his YouTube channel. The trailer revealed several map layouts, ranging from open deserts to erupting volcanoes, along with Mad Max-inspired vehicles. The movie also indicates the upcoming season will probably be titled,”Spark the Flame.”

The ongoing season is finishes on July 12. According to a tweet by PUBG Mobile, the newest update, 0.19.0, is expected to arrive on July 7.

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