NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Launch Delayed Again, Two Weeks Left to Mars

NASA has postponed the launch of its latest Mars rover yet again to the end of July at the First — Now for a rocket Difficulty.

In the event the Perseverance rover is not on its own way by mid-August, it’s going to need to wait till 2022 if Earth and Mars return in proper alignment, costing at NASA near $500 million (approximately Rs. 3,774 crores) for the delay .

The fantastic thing is that NASA is attempting to eke more time out in this summer’s launch opportunity, currently lasting until at least August 15. The opportunity to fly to Mars comes up just every 26 weeks.

It’s NASA’s toughest Mars mission nonetheless, totaling approximately $3 billion (approximately Rs. 22,647 crores). Besides seeking indicators of beyond microscopic Martian life, Perseverance will collect stones and dirt for ultimate return to Earth.

Rocket maker United Launch Alliance requires additional time to take care of a liquid oxygen detector line which revealed questionable readings through a current practice countdown, officials said Tuesday. Previous technical issues — such as crane difficulty in the pad — bumped the launching from the initial July 17 into the 20th and then to July 22.

Perseverance will nonetheless try a touchdown following February in an early river delta in Mars, irrespective of if it starts.

Russia and the European Space Agency needed to bow out, reevaluate their Mars rover before 2022 due to delayed spacecraft analyzing and traveling limitations on account of this coronavirus pandemic.

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