PUBG Mobile Season 14 Official Trailer Leaked, Shows New Player and Vehicle Skins: Report

PUBG Mobile Season 14 trailer has been leaked as per a report — just ahead of the new season which is expected Shortly.

A short video was shared with a YouTuber and can be said to be the trailer for the upcoming season. The YouTuber also states that the upcoming season is going to be known as’Spark the Fame’. The video reveals what appears to be a number of the new skins for your players in addition to vehicles which can be anticipated from Season 14. As of now, PUBG Mobile has not officially shared any info on the upcoming season that’s expected shortly.

The video published by PUBG Mobile station Mr Ghost Gaming indicates a short 1-minute clip that’s said to be the official trailer for Season 14. Additionally, it shows off a couple of brand new player skins, headgear, and costumes which might be a part of this newest Royale Pass. It then shows some clips of this new Livik map and its different areas including a volcano and a few snowy mountains.

The YouTuber also shared that there’ll be a brand new skin to the M24 sniper rifle in Diamond Tier in Season 14 along with the 100RP rewards include a helmet skin, an M416 assault rifle skin, a Dacia and a UAZ automobile skin.

PUBG Mobile hasn’t shared with the release date for Season 14 but since Season 13 ends on July 12, another season should begin shortly afterwards. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile has tweeted that the next upgrade — 0.19.0 — will probably be published for PUBG Mobile on July 7 which includes the newest Livik map. In a different tweet, the business teased a fresh Yamaha bike which will be coming into the game soon, without an actual date.

This automobile is already within Chinese version of the sport, Game for Peace, and will now be making its way to the global edition. Also, it’s unclear if this will be a skin to the existing bike in the match or a new bicycle completely.

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