Virgin Galactic, NASA to Create Develop Program for Personal Missions to ISS

Billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings said on Monday it has signed up with NASA to Create a program to promote Personal Assignments to the International Space Station, Delivering the shares of Their Firm more than 14 percent.

As a part of its arrangement with the Johnson Space Center, the space tourism business will identify entities eager to purchase private assignments and create training packages, in addition to aid in transport, on-orbit and floor resources.

NASA is working heavily on personal businesses built around shared visions for space exploration, as it gears up for a long-term existence on the moon and prepares to get a manned mission to Mars.

The space launch system, which can be set to debut next season, is NASA’s ride for hauling individuals in the Earth to the moon by 2024.

Shares of Virgin Galactic were up at $17.13 (approximately Rs. 1,310) in premarket trading.

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