Google Stadia Premier Edition Is Now Cheaper but Without Three Month Free Stadia Pro Membership

Google Stadia Premier Edition is now cheaper, but users Won’t get the 3 free months of Stadia Pro Unlike Any earlier.
Stadia Pro is a premium subscription service which allows you flow matches in 4K, HDR, and 5.1 surround audio, along with other perks. In the time of launch, Google Stadia Premier Edition came with Chromecast Ultra HDMI dongle and the Stadia Controller, combined with three free months of Stadia Pro, all at $129 (approximately Rs. 9,800) at the US, but now, the price has been reduced to $99 (roughly Rs. 7,500) and also the Stadia Pro subscription has been taken away.
It is available in a limited number of areas and includes free in addition to paid plans.

Google has updated its Stadia Premier Edition shop page using the new cost of $99 in the united states. It says that you get the Certainly White Stadia Controller and Google Chromecast Ultra together with the buy, skipping out on the free three month membership of Stadia Pro. But, you are still able to get a one month free membership of Stadia Pro by signing up for the free version of Stadia. After the one month period, you can keep on using Stadia Pro by paying $9.99 (roughly Rs. 760) per month.

Stadia Pro allows access to complimentary games that they can play so long as their subscription is still active. Additionally, it brings discounts on several matches. Especially, Stadia is currently available in 14 nations and sadly, India isn’t one of them.

Towards the end of April, it was declared that PUBG PC has been added to the Google Stadia library at no cost, but for Stadia Pro users.

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