Google Play Store Testing Ways to Make App Subscriptions Cheaper

Google Play app subscriptions could become clearer and easier to sign up for, as is allegedly working on a brand new method to make program subscriptions more transparent. A new method is being devised that enables Android users to buy app subscriptions beyond the app. The necessary subscription details and pricing information will be detailed on the Google Play list, and a brand new button directly next to’Install’ enables users to buy the program subscription before the program is installed. Google has rolled out this functionality to a couple pair of developers as of now, for testing purposes.
Google supported to TechCrunch this attribute was given for testing to just a few developers for now. The feature enables an additional button next to the’Install’ option on an program list on Google Play store. This fresh’Free trial and Install’ button lets users purchase the program’s subscription and even its free trial. The report claims that the functionality is likely because of the recent introduction of Android Billing Library version 3.

Right below the’Free trial and Install’ button on the program list page at Google Play, there is a little dialog box that provides all details about the program’s subscription. It informs the user of the duration of the free trial, when it will end, and also the cost for using the app’s premium features once the trial period finishes. The dialogue box also details that the premium feature set the subscription brings along, allowing users to create an educated choice before they pay up.

A plethora of fleeceware apps are still plague app shops seeking to dupe customers through catchy subscription strategies and complex cancellation procedures. With this new feature, Google looks to bring more transparency for consumers before committing to download the app or cover the premium features.

This new feature can help programmers attract more valuable paid subscribers and decrease requests for refunds. There is not any word on if this feature will be available widely.

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