US Podcast Platform Pocket Casts Says Apple Removed App From China Store

New York-based podcasting platform Pocket Casts Stated its app Was taken down from Apple’s Program Shop in China.

Reuters could not immediately verify the program was no longer available from the store.

Pockets Casts, ranked 85th most popular in the podcast news app section on Apple’s US website, said on Wednesday the movement was obtained by Apple after intervention by Beijing’s leading online watchdog.

Apple US officials weren’t immediately available for comment outside regular US market hours. Reuters was not immediately able to contact the CAC by fax using the official amount provided for the watchdog by the authorities.

The removal comes amid growing debate over China and freedom of speech after a resurgence of activity by pro-democracy protesters from Hong Kong, angered by Beijing’s plans to impose new safety laws.

Separately US-based Chinese activists said on Thursday the Zoom Video Communications temporarily shut an account after the activists held an event to commemorate the 31st anniversary of China’s Tiananmen Square crackdown.

In a message on Twitter, Pocket Casts stated that its program”was removed… by Apple at the petition of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)”.

“We had been contacted by the CAC via Apple about two weeks ahead of the program was removed from the store,” Pocket Casts stated on Twitter.

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