Apple to Announce Shift to ARM-Based Mac Chips at WWDC 2020 Afterwards This Month

Apple will announce That the Change from Intel processors to its ARM-based chips for Mac computers in WWDC 2020 later this month, according to a report.
The new development comes months following the Cupertino company was reported to have plans to establish not one or two but”many” ARM-based Mac notebooks and desktops in 2021. By adopting the new processors, Apple could reduce processor costs on its own machines by 40 to 60 percent, reports imply. App developers who construct macOS apps, however, will need to make some changes to their programs so they can support the new hardware.
The statement at WWDC 2020 would give third-party app developers some time to adjust to the changes before the rollout of new Mac machines based on ARM chips that is slated for 2021, reports Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the evolution. There might be some changes from the plan as the hardware transition wouldn’t come anytime soon.

Apple has been in the plans to move from Intel to ARM processors for its Mac computers for quite some time, with some first reports indicating the change back in 2014. It is thought to be part of the organization’s”Kalamata” project. At least three of Apple’s native processors are in the works, together with the first based on the A14 chip that would power the iPhone 12.

Apple to Launch ‘Several’ ARM-Based Mac Devices Next Year: Ming-Chi Kuo
Alongside offering the main processing unit, the proprietary chips by Apple that will be contingent on ARM structure are believed to possess a graphics processing device along with a Neural Engine to handle machine learning and assorted artificial intelligence (AI) tasks. Taiwan’s semiconductor firm Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will reportedly build the new processors using a 5-nanometre production technique.

Initially, Apple developed a Mac processor dependent on the iPad Pro’s chip for internal testing in 2018, according to the report. That analyzing helped the organization decide the final strategy that would be revealed at WWDC in the forthcoming weeks.

Difficult time for Intel?
The movement towards the custom-designed, ARM-based chips can make the market even tougher for Intel since this is going to be the first time in the history of Mac there won’t be an Intel Core-series processor powering Apple machines. Other PC makers are also very likely to start parting ways on account of this change.

In 2017, Apple competition and Windows maker Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm to deliver’Always Connected’ PCs according to ARM-based Snapdragon chips. Companies such as Asus and HP also adopted the initial concept by launching their new laptops with 4G connectivity and up to 20-hour battery lifetime. The San Diego-based chipmaker also persuaded manufacturers by launching its new Snapdragon chips supporting the new experience.

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