OnePlus to Launch Two New Smart TV Series in India on July 2, Place to Provide Different Display Sizes

OnePlus is set to expand its Clever TV lineup in India by launching two Brand New String on July 2.
The new models will be targeted in the masses in the country and come under mid-range as well as entry-level smart TV sections. This will be similar to the OnePlus TV Q1 and OnePlus TV Q1 Pro that were launched last year as the initial two variations of this OnePlus TV in the country with a starting price of Rs. 69,900.
The new smart TV versions by OnePlus are very likely to take on brands including Vu and Xiaomi which are supplying various models in the mid-range and entry-level market sections. Realme additionally entered the funding TV segment in India a month. OnePlus creator and CEO Pete Lau revealed the new launch by means of a tweet published on Monday, and the company provided some elaboration by means of a press release shortly after.

As per the release, the two new OnePlus TV series will be directed to offer you a superior experience across different display sizes and to the mid-range as well as entry-level sections in the country. This suggests that the new clever TVs from the business would begin at about Rs. 15,000 price.

At the period of declaring the first OnePlus TV launch in September last year, Lau notably highlighted the firm didn’t have plans to establish smaller display sizes compared to the existing 55-inch alternative. “We are aware that smaller display sizes are common in Indian homes, but we would like to appeal to a different segment,” the executive had said. The company, however, seems to have changed its mind because it intends to reach the masses with its new models.

OnePlus hasn’t provided any specifications of its new smart TVs. Nonetheless, the company has mentioned in its launch that the new models will retain its”doctrine of burdenless design” and provide a premium build as well as seamless connected experiences alongside”best-in-class display” panels. All this indicates that there are some similarities in the brand new OnePlus TVs using the 2 versions that were launched initially.

That having been said, OnePlus is anticipated to tease some information about its new smart TVs ahead of the official launch that will be hosted by means of a livestream in India at 7pm on July 2.

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