Zuckerberg Promises an Overview of Facebook Content Policies After Backlash

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday said He’d consider changes to the policy that Directed the company to leave up Contentious Articles by President Donald Trump during recent demonstrations protesting the death of an unarmed black man while in police custody, a partial concession to critics.
Zuckerberg failed to promise certain policy changes within an Facebook place, days later staff members walked off the project, some asserting he kept finding new excuses to not challenge Trump.
“I understand many of you believe we should have tagged the President’s articles in some way a week,” Zuckerberg wrote, talking about his own decision to not eliminate Trump’s message containing the term”if the looting begins, the shooting begins.”

“We are going to examine our policies permitting talk and dangers of state use of power to find out whether there are any alterations we ought to embrace,” he wrote. “We are going to review possible alternatives for managing violating or partially-violating material apart from the binary leave-it-up or even take-it-down decisions.”

Zuckerberg stated Facebook are more transparent about its decision on if to take down articles, review policies on articles that might induce voter suppression and might seem to construct applications to advance racial justice, directed by significant lieutenants.

In a team meeting earlier this week, workers contested Zuckerberg’s stance on Trump’s post.

Zuckerberg, who retains a controlling stake in Facebook, has claimed that while he discovered Trump’s comments”deeply offensive,” they didn’t violate company policy against incitements to violence.

Facebook’s coverage is to take down a pole or abandon this up, with no other alternatives. Now, Zuckerberg stated, other possibilities could be considered.

But he also added,”I fear that this approach includes a danger of directing us to editorialize on material we do not like even though it does not violate our policies”

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