Robot Dog Hounds Thai Shoppers to Maintain Hands Coronavirus-Free

A scurrying robot puppy named K9 dispenses hand sanitiser to inquisitive kids and careful shoppers — among the very unexpected steps Thai malls are carrying since the realm relaxes coronavirus limitations.

The hi-tech hound is controlled with 5G, a tech promising super-fast Web rates with instant response times that’s still in the starting phases of roll out in Thailand.

Mimicking an enthusiastic dog, K9 roams around the favorite Central World mall in downtown Bangkok, drawing the eye of thrilled children eager to acquire gel out of a jar attached to its rear.

“It’s handy for individuals to wash their hands, exactly like a preventative measure… particularly in this COVID-19 scenario,” said Petra Saktidejbhanubandh, a promotion officer for mobile operator Advanced Info Services (AIS).

AIS is planning to roll out a 5G system for smartphones at the close of the year.

K9’s 5G-powered comrades comprise ROC, which assesses temperatures, and LISA, a client service-bot.

“The robots are here in order to aid individuals, to not substitute them.”

But shopper Lapassanan Buranapatpakorn was unconvinced, saying that she discovered K9’s skeletal mechanical framework”creepy”.

“I feel that the implementation, such as the robot is somewhat frightening,” that the 29-year-old stated, though she confessed that handing hand sanitiser is a”great idea”.

Thailand has slowly lifted restriction on companies, which have taken precautions like seating clients apart in pubs or erecting plastic dividers in massage parlours.

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