Mitron App, a TikTok Clone, Is Back on Google Play Just Days After Being Removed

Mitron app, a TikTok clone, Can Be Obtained via Google Play Shop Once More.

The brief video platform was eliminated from Google Play store earlier this week as a result of violations of Google Play policies. Google stated Mitron violated its”Spam and Minimum Functionality” policy, but later clarified that the tech giant was working with the developer to help them fix issues. Now, just a day after that clarification, the app is back in Google Play. Before being pulled, the Mitron program had managed to cross 50 lakh downloads.

The Google Play store list for the Mitron program is live once more. The app calls itself a’free short video and social platform based from Bengaluru, India’, and its user friendly interface is quite similar to that of TikTok.

Google on June 2 had pulled Mitron from Google Play asserting that its policy doesn’t allow apps that offer’exactly the exact same experience as other apps already on Google Play.’ The policy reads,”Apps should provide value to users through the creation of special content or services.” It also states that the app should provide a”basic amount of performance and a respectful user experience”

Mitron was launched in Google Play store less than two weeks back and has capitalised on the anti-China and anti-TikTok sentiments prevailing in the nation at this time. Last month, the program was reported to possess a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to compromise user account and send messages on behalf of a particular user. The defect didn’t permit any terrible celebrity to steal personal information such as the email ID that a user had used to register an account on the Mitron program. It’s unclear if the programmer has fixed the security flaw in the new edition.

An official changelog present in the Google Play shop mentions UX (user experience) changes as the sole thing in the application.

While Mitron is back on Google Play store, another program that was lately removed — Eliminate China Apps — still remains delisted.

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