Facebook Starts Labelling State-Controlled Media Posts, Will Block Advertising

Facebook will begin labeling Russian, Russian and other state-controlled websites organisations, and later this summer will block any ads from such outlets that aim US users, it said on Thursday.

The planet’s largest social network will apply the tag to Russia’s Sputnik,” Iran’s Press TV, and China’s Xinhua News, according to a partial record Facebook provided. The business is going to apply the tag to approximately 200 pages in the beginning.

Facebook, that has acknowledged its failure to stop Russian usage of its platforms to intervene from the 2016 US presidential election, has stepped up its defenses and imposed greater transparency requirements for pages and ads on its own platforms.

The company announced plans last year to make a state media label, but is introducing the tool amid a deep crisis over its hands-off remedy of deceptive and racially charged posts by US President Donald Trump.

The new step comes only months ahead of the November US presidential election.

Under the measure, Facebook won’t use the tag for networking outlets related with individual political figures or parties, which Gleicher said could push”boundaries which are very, very slippery.”

“What we would like to do this is start with the most crucial scenario,” he said.

“We expect that the societal networking platform can put aside the ideological prejudice and maintain an open and accepting attitude towards every nation’s media role,” he explained.

Facebook isn’t the first organization to take such actions.

YouTube, owned by Alphabet’s Google, in 2018 began identifying video stations that mostly carry news items and therefore are financed by governments. But critics charge YouTube has failed to tag some nation news outlets, letting them earn ad revenue from videos with misinformation and propaganda.

In a blog post, Facebook said its tag will appear on webpages worldwide, as well as on News Feed posts within the United States.

Facebook also stated it will ban US-targeted advertisements from state-controlled entities”out of an abundance of caution” before the November presidential election. Elsewhere, the advertisements are going to receive a tag.

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