PUBG Mobile 1-UC Bounty Raid Offers an Opportunity to Win Cool Skins for 1 UC

PUBG Mobile 1-UC Bounty Raid is live and with it, the game’s players get a Opportunity to win some Appealing skins for as low as 1 UC that is one of the in game Monies.
The announcement was made by the PUBG Mobile India Twitter accounts that also stated that the event began on May 29 and the ending date is June 19. But it’s not as simple as buying the skin which you want using 1 UC. There’s a draw for every product which the players will need to input and trust they win this thing.
To take part in the 1-UC Bounty Raid occasion in PUBG Mobile, players will need to pick an item that they desire and buy a Bounty Voucher for 1 UC. Once successfully purchased, the participant is believed to be in the draw for that particular product. Each thing has a certain participation requirement and when that requirement is met, the prize will be drawn along with a random participant will be selected as the winner of the item.
Additionally, the players that purchase the Bounty Vouchers will get 10 BP or two AG for every voucher. And needless to say, the more coupons you buy, the higher the odds of winning. The winner will be announced in the Bounty Winner segment and a new round will begin.
The gamers who win an item can visit the Events section. Whether there are any uncollected awards, participant will be notified via email once the event finishes on June 19. Whatever prize the gamers win in the raid are permanent and there’ll be a brief delay in receiving the reward.
The items in the 1-UC Bounty Raid include skins for vehicles, weapons, items, and characters. Players can see the likelihood of winning a particular thing on the event screen as well as the amount of participants remaining to your draw to commence. Impressive, if the necessary variety of participants isn’t met, the machine will make up for the missing participants and draw on the decoration.
PUBG Mobile recently added the Jungle Adventure Mode in Sanhok map which provides mysterious totems, hot air balloons, and jungle meals.

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