Android 11: The Beta Launch Display Delayed Amid Protests in America

Alphabet’s Google on Saturday said it’s postponed next week’s planned unveiling of This beta version of its Most Recent Android 11 mobile operating Platform in light of protests and unrest from America.
“We’re eager to inform you about Android 11, but today isn’t the opportunity to observe,” Google stated in a message submitted on its Android programmer’s site. In a tweet, it stated it will announce additional information on the newest version of Android” shortly,” without specifying any dates.
Called’Android 11: The ‘ Beta Launch Show’it had been established to present new features and tweaks for Android 11, Google’s next major software upgrade for the mobile operating system. In its statement for the digital event earlier this month, Google has cautioned it will present a’host of different things’ too.
The event trailer had succeeded at an upcoming phone launching next to, and speculation has been rife would function as mid-year Pixel 4a. These developments occurred in the context of Google I/O being cancelled this season as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Google earlier this month also introduced the fourth largest Android 11 programmer preview for Pixel mobiles. Google was intended to finish its developer preview releases in April and begin with beta releases in May, but that’s been been postponed. The technology giant has postponed the launching of Android 11 beta upgrades to June.
Protests have spread throughout the USA within the killing of George Floyd, a Minneapolis black guy who died after being trapped by the neck below a white police officer.

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