Twitter Flags China Spokesman’s Tweet on COVID-19

Twitter has flagged a tweet Composed in March with a Chinese government spokesman Which Indicated That the US Army brought the Book coronavirus into China, as the Social Networking Stage Warms up fact-checking of posts.
Twitter submitted a blue exclamation mark beneath a tweet by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, using a remark urging readers to look at the truth about COVID-19.
“When did individual zero start in US? Just how many men and women are infected? What are the titles of those hospitals? It may be US military who brought the outbreak to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your own data! US owe us an excuse “
Clicking the link led visitors to a page with the headline,”WHO says evidence indicates COVID-19 originated in animals and wasn’t produced in a laboratory”.
Trump lashed out at Twitter in reaction and contains stated he’d introduce legislation which may refuse or violate a law which protects social media firms from liability for content posted by their customers.

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