Google Maps Makes It Easier to Talk about Your Location Using Plus Codes

Google Maps have received a new update Making it easier for Consumers to Discuss their location using Plus Codes.
The new change is rolling out to Google Maps for Android via the latest version. Especially, Google Maps has the Choice to show Plus Codes since August 2015. The new switch, however, is aimed to expand Plus Codes use by enabling users to easily share their locations. There is not any word on when iOS users will find the hottest Google Maps upgrade.
With the new update, Google Maps enables you to discuss with the six-digit Plus Code by tapping the blue dot which represents your present site. You’ll find the Plus Code to your place alongside options that allow you to see neighboring locations, share your location, and save your parking.
When the screen to reveal you that the Plus Code to your location emerges along with this map, you just need to tap on the code to automatically copy it to your clipboard for sharing with your contacts. Google says that with the newest upgrade sharing location has become as simple as giving anyone a phone number.
The most recent change is restricted to Android users. But users on iOS can also get Plus Codes of any place by tapping and holding the map to drop a pin at a particular location. Google Maps users Android may also use the trap to acquire a Plus Code of a particular location.
Plus Codes may be used to assist anyone find a location doesn’t have a proper speech. These are derived from latitude and longitude coordinates.
Google started with Plus Codes at 2015 and introduced them in India in March 2018. This means that apart from the search giant, programmers and other companies can also use Plus Codes.

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