BevQ App Crosses More than 1 Lakh Downloads Hours After Going Live on Google Play

BevQ, Kerala’s liquor sale virtual queue management Program, is Now available to download Through Google Play Store for Android users.

The much-awaited Kerala drinks program is provided by Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) while it’s created by Kochi-based startup named Faircode Technologies Private Limited. Notably, in less than 24 hours since its launch, the app was downloaded over a lakh times, Play Store listing reveals. However, many users Twitter and Google Play Store are questioning the quality of the app – particularly with regards to this OTP generation.
The BevQ program is designed to manage overcrowding at liquor stores amid coronavirus pandemic. Liquor sales in Kerala have declared starting today.

“BevQ is a virtual queue application and token generator support provided by Kerala state drinks corporation ltd.. To be able to maintain the social distancing especially in this covid scenario this app will be usable as well as the customer can book a queue number and token for strengthening his place in the queue in the designated time slot,” the app description on Google Play reads.

How does BevQ app work?

The BevQ app supports both English and Malayalam languages. Clients who put their orders via the Kerala beverages program will initially receive an e-token using a QR code in their mobile phone. This token will be scanned from the liquor store licensee following that the alcohol is going to be given to the client.

The BevQ is then said to direct the clients to the local outlets dependent on the GPS place. The e-token includes details like the district, time slot, speech, and QR code.

It’s likewise reported a customer can purchase liquor only once in four times at the country, utilizing the BevQ app. Users who don’t have an e-token won’t be able to buy liquor. Furthermore, people living in Red zones can’t purchase liquor or book a slot using BevQ app. E-tokens can be gotten via the SMS system and more information about this anticipated from the state government.

Users confuse the Standard of BevQ App
As previously mentioned, hours after going live on Google Play shop, the BevQ app has been downloaded by more than a lakh users. However, several users are questioning the quality of the Kerala Beverages program, particularly with regards to this OTP generation.

“Worst app that I have ever installed since I started using smart telephones. Even after trying so many times, otp isn’t received,” an individual on Google Play store pointed out. Another user on Twitter has claimed that the app doesn’t include the”option to decide on a slot.”

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Furthermore, several users have said that the BevQ app directs users to liquor shops located in faraway areas. However, several users were able to reserve the slots to purchase liquor, hence, the issues could be cropping up as a consequence of heavy app traffic. Users may download the program via Google Play. It’s unclear once the app will reach iOS apparatus.

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