GTA Online Services Went Down Due to”Extremely High Player Volumes” Caused by Epic Store Sale

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) online Appeared thanks to Some huge and unexpected influx of new players.
The sport was available for free in the Epic Store purchase, and gamers then hurried to play GTA Online, which resulted in the outage and gamers being unable to play with online. Rockstar, the firm behind GTA V, took to Twitter to admit the outage due to”extremely high player volumes.” At a follow up, the company posted the issues have been resolved and the game should be accessible for PC players.
In its tweet Rockstar explained that because of”extremely large player volumes”, it’s facing problems with Rockstar Games Services such as the Rockstar Games Launcher and GTA V for PC. The company said it is actively working to solve the issues and will update players of any modifications.
Epic Games Store is now giving away GTA V for free till May 21 and soon after it made the game available on its shop, a huge number of people started to access the website to download the game. Shortly afterwards, Rockstar Games Services for GTA V began facing issues — not surprising at all.
However, the company seems to get fixed the issues and has updated the players through its Twitter accounts stating,”The problem impacting service performance to the Rockstar Games Launcher and GTAV on PC is now resolved.

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