Epic Games Store Crashes After Making GTA V Available to Free; Upcoming Free Games Leaked

Epic Games Store, the digital video game Market, listed the popular game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) free on May 14.
Shortly after the match went online at no cost, a spike in users resulted in heavy traffic that caused slowdowns and mistake messages on the Epic Store site and launcher program. Epic acknowledged the issues and said it is focusing on fixing them. As per the most recent tweet by the Epic Games Store official account, the majority of the users need to be able to get into the Epic Games Store along with the launcher. Furthermore, a post on Reddit says that the next set of completely free games coming into the Epic shop might have already leaked.
Epic Games Store frequently gives out free matches as a puzzle game’ that users may download and keep forever. This time, it put up Grand Theft Auto V because of the free game till May 21 and obviously, a large number of people rushed to the online store site and launcher program to find the game. Owing to the prevalence of GTA V though it is 7 years old, the swarm of consumers still trying to download the sport comes as no surprise. GTA V is available for free in India as well and you’ve got until May 21 to download the game and keep it forever.
At a tweet soon after the problems were reported from the consumers, Epic acknowledged the problems and said that it had been working on a repair. It followed up with a different tweet suggesting there were still some problems being faced by several users. Eventually, at this morning of May 15, the company shared that it has”deployed upgrades to provide resolution for these problems,” and most users should have the ability to access the Epic Games Store website and launcher. “We’ll continue to monitor traffic and provide updates if further issues are struck. Thank you for your continued patience!”, the tweet added.
Further, an image shared on Reddit seems to escape the forthcoming free games around the Epic Games Store. All three of these games are very popular and when this escape proves to be authentic, a lot of people will be flocking to the Epic Games Store once again.

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