Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Caught Composing on Social Media Using an iPhone

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Temporarily posted something on Weibo using an iPhone.
The Web was quick to grab this little detail and accuse the executive of not using his own firm’s telephones and relying on Apple instead. Debates on how the iPhone remains the best device in the marketplace started to float at the remarks. To diffuse the dialog, then deleted the post soon after, but screenshots of it are now circulating the Web. Several Android smartphone company executives are captured using an iPhone in the past as well.
Chinese website Toutiao spotted Jun posting about requesting fans to invest on buying books. While the post was mundane at best, the interesting bit was in the fine print. Weibo generally puts the title of the phone from which the article was generated, and this time, that disclaimer revealed an iPhone model for Jun’s most up-to-date book post. This tiny slip-up caused a backlash on societal websites with fans reacting to this slight error. Partner of Xiaomi Industry Investment Department, Pan Jiutang explained that executives of smartphone businesses have to test phones from competing manufacturers to strategise and imagine future plans. Sometimes inventions are replicated and improved , he said, and any owner of a cell phone firm who claims they have not used phones from Apple or Samsung are being hypocritical. Whatever the case, Jun deleted the article shortly after to cut all debates and diffuse the tension.
Many CEOs in the past have been caught with an iPhone. Huawei’s founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, publicly commended the iPhone ecosystem and revealed that he purchases iPhone models for his family members when they’re overseas. In addition, he added that love for the Huawei brand isn’t restricted to loving Huawei phones. Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth additionally faced backlash after that he was recently spotted tweeting about Realme 3 and Realme 3i series working with an iPhone.

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