Jio Launches Rs. 2,399 Annual Prepaid Recharge Plan With 2GB Daily High-Speed Data Benefits

Jio Now added a new”work-from-home” Yearly plan to its Own Prepaid portfolio to Provide Added high-speed data Advantages to users.
The new offering, that is the Rs. 2,399 Jio prepaid recharge plan, brings 2GB daily high-speed data advantages along with unlimited voice calling benefits for 365 days. Together with the Rs. 2,399 Jio prepaid program, the Mumbai-based telecom operator has attracted three new”work-from-home” add-in packs that can be found at the denominations of Rs. 151, Rs. 201, also Rs. 251 with added data benefits of up to 50GB.
Rs. 2,399 Jio prepaid recharge strategy benefits
In accordance with the most recent development, the Rs. 2,399 Jio prepaid recharge plan brings 2GB daily high-speed information allocation as well as unlimited voice and SMS messages for 365 days. The new work-from-home program sits together with the existing Rs. 2,121 long-term prepaid plan which Jio launched in February. The Rs. 2,121 Jio prepaid program offers 1.5GB high-speed data advantages daily — together with infinite voice and SMS messages for 336 days.
Rs. 151, Rs. 201, Rs. 251 add-in packs
Along with the Rs. 2,399 prepaid program, Jio has attracted the Rs. 151, Rs. 201, and Rs. 251 work-from-home add-in packs The Rs. 151 package brings 30GB additional high-speed data, whereas the Rs. 201 pack offers 40GB high-speed data along with the Rs. 251 pack brings 50GB high-speed data. These add-on packs are meant for adding high-speed statistics and therefore are useful for clients who exhaust their bundled data loops. Additional the add-on packs do not possess their native legitimacy and will last the existing foundation plan’s validity.
The telecom operator currently has five add-in packs that can be found as the 4G data vouchers. These packs are offered in the denominations of Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 31, Rs. 51, and Rs. 101.
Jio previously revised its add-on packs in March using non-Jio voice calling minutes. But, it is likely that the non-Jio voice calling minutes aren’t available with the new packs.
The new prepaid offerings will be accessible for Jio users through the website and MyJio program in addition to other recharge stations starting tonight.

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