Hasmukh: Delhi High Court Refuses to Grant Interim Stay on Streaming of Series

Delhi High Court on Tuesday refused to grant the interim stay on the streaming of Hasmukh on Netflix.
The court was hearing an interim application asserting the web series allegedly maligned the picture of lawyers at large.
A seat of Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva disregarded the interim application, filed by advocate Ashutosh Dubey, looking for a stay on the streaming of the Hasmukh (Inspection ) series. The court had lately sought a reply from Netflix on a lawsuit in the matter.
Dubey said that an interim application in the matter has been dismissed now but the main lawsuit against the respondents will continue following them filing their answer on the situation.
“This suit is filed for an injunction against the media-streaming platform Netflix and production firm Emmay Entertainment from further airing the web series Hasmukh and delete the disparaging and defamatory remarks made against the attorney community,” he said.
Senior advocates Sandeep Sethi and Amit Sibal looked for the respondents at the hearing held during video conference.
The request sought an unconditional apology by the streaming platform Netflix for allegedly damaging the standing and maligning the image of attorneys at large through a few of its episodes.
The plea said that the show, in episode 4 of season ,”Bambai Ka Bambu”, alleges attorneys to be thieves, scoundrels, goons, and”they’ve had the indecency to address lawyers as rapists”.
The said remarks have caused extreme damage to the legal profession and also impugn the image of lawyers in the eyes of countless viewers/subscribers who visit the streaming website where the show has been streamed, the plea said.
“Being a lawyer is a noble and honourable profession which requires a way and behavior to be carefully followed. At Bar Council of India rules, a lawyer holds a duty to act with dignity and self-respect to preserve the interest of their customer with fair and honourable means, and will take advantage of the confidence reposed in him by his client,” it said.

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