Fitbit to Launch 4G-Enabled Smartwatch for Kids at 2020: Report

Fitbit is Allegedly developing a Brand New 4G smartwatch that is solely aimed at children.
The rumored smartwatch is supposed to include”safety tracking features” along with video calling and voice calling options. Even though the company has its own Ace series of smartwatches for children, these models lack mobile connectivity for always-on tracking and communicating. Moreover, the Fitbit Ace series is more oriented towards fitness and lacks security tracking features like GPS monitoring. It was also reported that the 4G-enabled smartwatch for children will be launched later this year.
As per a report from Engadget citing a source near the matter, Fitbit, so as to create this smartwatch, acquired Hong Kong-based Doki Technologies that is well known for its kid-friendly wearables. Doki Technologies’ smartwatches contain voice and video calling alternatives in addition to the GPS tracking systems. Notably, Doki smartwatches additionally include proprietary”Doki SIM” that offers unlimited data in over 50 nations for $9.99 (approximately Rs. 760) a month. The report, however, added that it is uncertain if these attributes will be included into the rumored Fitbit wearable for children.

The report further added that both Fitbit and Doki Technologies didn’t comment on the evolution (neither both companies denied the development). Although the Fitbit’s acquisition of Doki Technologies is not officially announced, as spotted by the publication on the Hong Kong Companies Registry, Doki’s manager is currently listed as”Andrew Paul Missan,” who’s also Fitbit’s Executive Vice President. Especially, the Hong Kong-based company on their site has stated that they’ll shut operations from July 1.

If Fitbit is really working on a smartwatch as mentioned in the report, the development provides Fitbit an edge over its competitor, particularly in a child’s wearable market. This past year, Fitbit launched the Ace two Fitness Tracker that came with fitness tracking attributes but had no safety-related options. Additionally, Ace 2 comes with sleep tracker, 5 days of battery life, and many kids mode.

The report also speculates that using all the Fitbit-Doki Technologies deal, the American fitness wearable firm will also be able to penetrate the Chinese kid’s wearable market, in which the product is largely common. Currently, the US Justice Department is reviewing plans by Alphabet-owned Google to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion (roughly Rs. 15,000 crores).

Meanwhile, last month, a report by 9to5Mac claimed that Apple is working on a Kids Mode in watchOS 7. The report said that Apple on this Mode will allow parents to associate more than one Apple Watch to their iPhone. This will enable the parent to control actions on their children’s Apple Watch. Likewise, the company is looking at a”SchoolTime” attribute in the upcoming watchOS which will enable parents to manage apps during school hours.

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