iPhone SE (2020) Benchmark Results Suggest Apple May Have Underclocked A13 Bionic Chip

iPhone SE (2020) made its debut earlier this Season Using the A13 Bionic Processor That’s also powering the iPhone 11 Household.

The existence of the flagship chip has surfaced that the USP of the most recent affordable iPhone. On the other hand, the iPhone SE (2020) outcomes seemed on the standard tool AnTuTu suggests you might not get the functionality that one would anticipate on the elite iPhone versions. The ancient scores also indicate that rather than providing the outcomes in accord with this iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone SE (2020) would just surpass the standard results of their 2018 iPhones with some improvement.

In accordance with the details accessible on the AnTuTu website, that the iPhone SE (2020) has obtained a general benchmark rating of 4,92,166. This is not near the 5,17,400 score obtained by the iPhone 11 and also the 5,21,010 score connected with the iPhone 11 Pro. The ultra-premium, iPhone 11 Pro Max additionally has a 5,37,154 rating on the AnTuTu benchmark.

The results clearly imply that there are some significant performance-level differences between the iPhone SE (2020) as well as the iPhone 11 versions — in spite of the fact they have precisely the same chip.

Nonetheless, the results posted on the AnTuTu site imply that some memory-level optimizations on the iPhone SE (2020) may have helped to undertake the iPhone XS versions which were found in 2018. The grading tool proves that the iPhone XS Max has obtained an overall score of 4,43,337. This is lower compared to the score obtained by the new iPhone version.

In the time of its launching, the iPhone SE (2020) was supposed to assist Apple to magnetize individuals who had been searching for the performance much like the iPhone 11 versions in a more compact form element. The outcomes from the AnTuTu website, however, hint at a few differences.

Apple may have underclocked the A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone SE (2020) to provide a much better battery life and improved heat control over what you’d get about the flagship iPhone versions.

That having been said, grade solutions are not that true to assist you to gauge the authentic real-life functioning of the phone.


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